SolidFace Technology Inc. Collaborative Cloud CAD Professional 2018

SolidFace Technology Inc. Collaborative Cloud CAD Professional 2018

Company: SolidFace Technology Inc.

Location: Austin, TX

Product: SolidFace Collaborative Cloud CAD Professional 2018

Free Trial: Unlimited, Save disabled

Licensed Software Cost: $49 per month or $439 per year

About the Company

SolidFace Technology Inc. is a fairly new bootstrapped startup based out of Austin, TX. They have set out to disrupt the expanding CAD market with their debut product, SolidFace Collaborative Cloud CAD Professional 2018. As the name suggests, SolidFace is designed with over-the-cloud CAD collaboration in mind.


Over the past 30 years, information technology and communications technology has made possible the fragmentation of the design and manufacturing pipelines. As globalized teams work together collaboratively, companies like SolidFace Technology Inc. are designing products to help create smoother long-distance relationships.

SolidFace Technology Inc. has been developing their collaborative CAD product over the past 5 years and continually add to the software upgrades and new features. They consider their product to be a combination of Parasolid® Siemens 3D modeler core and their 15 years of UniCAD 2D/3D development (previous product their team had developed).

What is SolidFace?

SolidFace is a 3D modeling, assembly, and engineering drawing computer aided design software designed for designers, mechanical engineers, 3D printing, civil engineers, collaboration, etc. The software was built with a top down approach in a modern design environment, incorporating parts of existing CAD products that work as well as innovative modeling and collaboration tools that simplify rather than complicate the design process.

Feature List (full feature list)

  • Real-Time 3D Cloud Collaboration Modeling on Parts and Assemblies;
  • Online Streaming between users;
  • Part, Sketch, Assembly and Drawing module;
  • Communication with other CAD software via standard X_T®, X_B®, DWG®, DXF®, STL, BMP, etc.
  • 3D printing compatibility; (Step, Iges, Catia®, NX®, SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Inventor®, Pro-E®, Creo®, Rhino®, VRML, etc. will be available in future updates to the software);
  • Exploded view;
  • Clash and collision test;
  • Graphics screen can be divided up to 16 view windows, allowing the visualization of several project details;
  • PDF® printing compatibility;
  • Logical conditions If-then-else;
  • Parametric generation of bill of materials with associative link with Excel® and Access® 

SolidFace was built with the understanding that teams and companies generally have to straddle their design communications between multiple products and versions of products. One of their most useful attractions is that their design environment is compatible with Autodesk products, Onshape, CATIA, SolidWorks, and more.

The collaboration feature is very simple to use and guarantees everyone is using the same version of the software (no missing features or incompatibility issues when working between multiple teams). SolidFace Technology describes their collaboration feature as “Google Docs for 3D Models” and they have tried to make it as simple as Google’s collaboration environment as well. Simply share your collaboration key with someone and they will be able to see what you have developed and build along side you.

As a hybrid system, SolifFace uses local resources when possible, but uses the cloud when necessary to make for an efficient experience.

The free trial of the product is available for an unlimited timeframe, but the save features are disabled.

The software license is subscription based – Monthly: $49 – Yearly $439.

The feature base is fantastic for the price, including most of what you would need in a design environment. Direct modeling, exploded views, 3D motion simulations, interference testing, mechanical properties, bill of materials, etc. are only a few of the currently available features with new upgrades being worked on all the time.


Support and Documentation

SolidFace Technology Inc. has set out to not only change the CAD development landscape, but also to create partnerships and provide extensive support to companies and individual designers/engineers.


  • Model library with over 1 million downloadable models to use and alter in your projects;
  • Support documentation built into the SolidFace environment to help familiarize yourself with the multitude of features available;
  • Instructional YouTube videos developed by SolidFace Technology Inc. focused on digging deeper into each feature available in their software with a personal touch;
  • Email communication and support with quick response rates, connecting you directly with an experienced engineer;


Jarrett Linowes
Mechanical Engineer

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