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10 + Useful Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing Wall Charts

In an engineering or manufacturing facility it is always useful to reference information or charts in a readily accessible format. Opening a phone or moving to a conference room simply to look at and discus a chart that should be displayed is a waste of time and can be fixed by simply displaying a large poster wall chart for all employees on a shop/factory floor or in an office.

The 4 Best Digital Calipers on the Market

Each digital caliper, after being subjected to grinding dust, coolant splash, machining chips, and being handled by multiple people, has kept readings within .0005” of the target value. This means the calipers have not degenerated in accuracy at all with respect to the manufacturer’s given resolution and measurement accuracy numbers.

The Hybrid Manufacturing Line – Where Does AM Fit Into Traditional Manufacturing?

In a traditional manufacturing world full of accepted regulatory hurdles and requirements, it is tough to see a path where additive manufacturing will play a prominent role. Organizations such as the American Welding Society are working with companies and industry leaders to develop industry-wide standards on additive manufacturing. Standards such as these will pose as the starting point for integrating AM processes into traditional manufacturing.