Tutorial: How to Link Multiple Directories to an Assembly Creo Parametric 4.0

Large assemblies can be messy, especially with all of the backup and additional files created by Creo that fill up your working directory. Keeping everything organized generally means creating subdirectories to house individual parts as well as subassemblies. The working directory for the upper level assembly may be isolated from the parts that make it up, therefore, Creo Parametric needs to understand where the parts are.

All of this happens inside the configuration editor and saved in the config.pro file.


Small assemblies, with parts organized into few directories, can be consolidated using the configuration setting search_path.

In the configuration editor (File -> Options -> Configuration) search for “search_path” and enter the exact directory path to the folder you would like Creo Parametric to include in its read. You will need to add a new search_path entry for each folder directory you would like included.

Save the config.pro file so you can access it later, and regenerate your model. You will notice that your parts that were not found have been found.

Note: All search paths and directories that contain separator characters (space, comma, or semicolon) must be surrounded by quotations. For example: search_path “C:\Users\Test\Dropbox\Apps and More”. If quotations are not included, the search_path will not be read by Creo Parametric. Try to avoid spaces, commas, and semicolons in general.


If your assembly is large or contains multiple parts in many subdirectories, it can be tedious and messy to add multiple search_path lines in your configuration file. To remedy this, PTC has provided the use of a single file to contain all search paths.

Create a notepad page and save it in your working directory as search.pro.

Add each search path directory (1 of each line) to the search.pro file. For example:

search_path “C:\Users\Test\Dropbox\Apps and More\”
search_path C:\Users\Test\Dropbox\Apps\
search_path C:\Users\Test\Dropbox\Apps2\


Teach Creo Parametric the location of the search.pro file is by using the configuration setting of search_path_file.

In the configuration editor (File -> Options -> Configuration) search for “search_path_file” and enter the exact address of the search.pro file. Export the config.pro file again to save for later use.

Regenerate your model to see the parts that were missing previously.



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